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Learning in motion
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 Learning in motion

Our organisation tries to improve the lives of people with Down syndrome (DS) through education and advocacy.   By raising awareness, we hope to insure inclusion and equal opportunities in all areas of social development.

Our learning in motion project  focusses on educating care takers on the importance of movement. This 3 day project (Down syndrome awareness month October) will insure that persons with Down Syndrome  motor skills are screened, to provide care takers with techniques specific for coordination and balance. Which will also stimulate brain activity, that improves their cognitive learning abilities. On the third day educator will be informed about the importance of movement and how it improves learning habits of not only persons with DS but all children.

Our Project will help care takers  and educators better understand the importance of movement. Movement insures healthier and happier people .  It benefits not only our physical and cognitive abilities, but it will also improve the social bonds between care takers and persons with DS. Which will in turn build our loved ones self esteem while cementing their place in our community.