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Educate, Stimulate and Preserve Steel pan
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Educate, Stimulate and Preserve Steel pan

Dow’s Musical Foundation is pleased to announce that we are presently giving music classes, with the emphasis on steel pan to over 800 students on the island of St. Maarten. Student and members are given the opportunity to engage in various performances for events in the community and abroad.

We are currently facing great challenges with regards to facilitating the students with sufficient steelpans versus the amount of students currently engaged in our music program. Our latest accomplishment this year, is that we’ve included other instruments into our music program, where students may choose a secondary instrument (guitar, trumpet, piano) along with the steel pan which remains mandatory.

Since the beginning of this term September 2016, we have started with this project with hopes to be fully equip by the end of this term 2016/2017. It’s our aim to fulfill the need for enough instruments to accommodate the amount students.

Our objectives:

1. Educate participants musically with the desire to see every chiled exposed to learning to play the steel pan, as the development of the children is an investment in the fure of the nation as a whole.

2. Stimulate their interest in music and the steel pan, while instilling discipline and consistency which can be applied in every aspect of one’s life on St. Maarten

3. Preserving the Steel pan culturally and the further upkeep and longevity of the art-form on our island and its existence in general.