Plant a Tree, Grow a Forest
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Plant a Tree, Grow a Forest!

EPIC works to protect the environment through research, outreach, and community-based conservation. Our free environmental education program reaches thousands of people each year and empowers citizens to take action by joining EPIC’s community service activities.

During its history, the forests of the Emilio Wilson Estate were cleared and have now been replaced by non-native plant species, particularly thorn scrub. This project will restore native plant species, increasing biodiversity and supporting wildlife, by leveraging existing restoration funds so we can plant even more trees and have a bigger impact. Funds will go directly towards purchasing seedlings, which will be planted by volunteers in November and watered by EPIC staff weekly for up to three months. Citizen-scientists will monitor seedling growth and survival to monitor project success.

With so few substantial natural areas on St. Maarten, it is essential that we maximize the potential of each site which remains. This project will:
1. Increase biodiversity and diversify wildlife habitat through native tree planting
2. Provide an opportunity for concerned citizens to make a positive difference, to take action through planting trees
3. Reforested areas will include hiking paths with informational signage, increasing the value of the site for the community.