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Christmas Angels

K1 tackles social issues faced by vulnerable, at-risk & troubled youth by rehabilitating them through mentorship programs, job training, life skills workshops and educational opportunities. K1 aims to give vulnerable youth the tools and opportunities to thrive and become dutiful, conscious and contributing members of our community.

K1’s Annual Christmas Angels program works with over 300 vulnerable persons from various organizations who create handmade angels, which then are chosen by someone in the community who buys a gift for that person. The entire duration of the project is 3 months including post distribution parties. Initiated 5 years ago, K1 aims to make the Angels program a community tradition, where persons actively and consistently give back to persons who need it the most. The goal is to make Christmas special for vulnerable persons while fostering attitudes of compassion and altruism throughout the island.

K1 supplies all crafting materials for the angel making to every organization that will be participating. Over the years they’ve had about 15 organizations in total – ranging from 300-600 individuals each year. Crafting materials would include variety of papers, coloring and painting utensils, glue, scissors, tape, strings, etc. A large cost of the Christmas Angels program are the distribution parties. The distribution parties are held for each organization which involves the gift giving from the donor to each individual who made the angel. The parties’ costs included rental of venue (if applicable that year), catering, and activities including rental of bouncy castle, face painting, games etc.