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The Mask We Wear – Unveiling the Mask of Masculinity: Film Screening and Talk Back

Safe Haven is a shelter that provides support and assistance for women that have experienced abuse from their partners. Save Haven not only provides a safe space for women to heal and over come abusive situations they also provide education and out reach about domestic and intimate partner violence.

Safe Haven would like to screen a poignant film that address problematic promotion of a type of masculinity that contributes to intimate partner violence. We would like to stage this at 4 separate locations, one at the University, second at a church or community center and third and fourth at 2 separate high schools, possible MPC and at CIA. After the film we will also have a talk back for audience members to enter an intellectual conversation about  construction of masculinity that is healthy and conducive of positive behaviour among males, indirectly implicating better romantic or partnered relationships with women.