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Be The Change Foundation

Our Mission:

The Mission of Be The Change is to encourage the local St. Maarten Community to actively contribute to various non-profit organizations and local causes. This will be done by way of igniting a social philanthropic movement, hence making a united effort to change and improve life on the island. 

Charitable Cause of the Month:

Green Star Foundation

Help the Green Star foundation in April with their Agri-Edu School program.
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What is Be The Change?
We showcase various community projects from helping a local children’s home with school supplies to launching a campaign about animal welfare.

Do It Together
Collective action gives support and power to the projects featured monthly and unites others to accomplish constant and long-term social change.

Make A Difference
With minimal effort, you can make a big difference in your community. Projects YOU support will directly contribute to making St. Maarten a better place.

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We are looking for 12 special non-profit organizations on St. Maarten/Martin to benefit from our mini-grant
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