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Step 1 - Fill in the Membership Application Form

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 *Note: Potential members must fill out the membership application form​​ first ​before placing their donation with PayPal or placing a standing order at their respective bank branch.

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Initiate a recurring payment/standing order with your respective bank via the two (2) following options:

1. Credit/Debit Card ​(processed securely via PayPal)

Credit/Debit Card Payment

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2. Winward Island Bank Online Banking

​Windward Islands Bank –

Make local donations to Be The Change Foundation located in the Address Book or initiate a transfer to account# 80807004 for Monthly or 80982004 for Annual/One Time donations.

3. PayPal 

​Choose your pledge amount and click “Subscribe” to initiate a recurring payment to the Be The Change Foundation.





One Time Donation/Annual Donation Option

If you’d prefer to make a one-time donation to the Be The Change Foundation please use the following PayPal option or contact us directly.



One Time Donation

4. Cheque/Cash Donation

To arrange a Cash or Cheque donation, please use the Pick Up Request Form below step 3 

Note: All donations go through the Be The Change Foundation, a registered organization with the local St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce, which receives a 15% fulfillment fee. This helps cover the operating cost of Be The Change Foundation, including marketing, promotion costs, and maintaining an innovative and informative social media platform. Also included are fees assessed for PayPal, credit card processing, wire transfers and other fees charged by financial institutions.

Step 3 - Smile! You are now a member of Be The Change St. Maarten

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Each month, Be The Change features a specific NGO’s project or cause* for which they need money for. Once you sign up as a member by dedicating yourself to a small monthly donation, your donation combined with the other members’ donations, contributes to a grand project total.

At the end of each month, members are notified via our website, newsletter, e-mail blasts and social media of the total funds pooled. Members will learn of how the organizations are doing, how their donations assisted the NGO’s cause and, most importantly how, when and where they can volunteer their time in the future.

​Kinda something like this:

Thank You Philip S. Burg,

Your donation of $10 contributed to a grand total of $2000, for a local children’s home desire for new school uniforms. Also, tutors are needed this weekend at the children’s home if you are interested in volunteering……

You see what we’re saying.