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Installation of Solar Lighting
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Installation of Solar Lights

Carib Swim Team is a non-profit organization which aims to develop the full potential of each swimmer, fostering swimming skills in the arena of international competitive and open water swimming, ultimately building “champions for life”. Keeping children engaged in sport especially swimming is essential to every child’s overall development.

Swimming is a sport every child and adult should know, especially when living on an island surrounded by water, and Carib Swim Team aims to include everyone by keeping prices at a minimum. CST offer a premium program with certified coaches and instructors offering lessons, diploma swimming and team training for competitive swimming. In the past the team has participated in inter island meets as well as international meets which also involve heavy costs. Swimming helps develop the child not only physically but also mentally, as it requires discipline, responsibility and time management.

Before Hurricane Irma, but especially since the damaged caused by the intense storm, Carib Swim Team was struggling to break even given their high fixed overheads. In order to bring down the costs in the long-run, the organization is seeking to install solar lighting and provide swimmers with more opportunities to swim during the evening and at night. Solar lighting would require minimal maintenance and would be a huge benefit to the program and the environment.

In short through the installation of Solar Lighting, Carib Swim Team aims to:

1. Offer extended swimming hours to all
2. Help reduce overheads which can help keep prices down for all to include everyone
3. Support our environment switching to a cleaner source of energy setting an example in our community for others to follow

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