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 Agri-Edu School 

We have started the project with the after school program in 10 primary schools thus far in 2016, as it was easier to fit the project into their curriculum. Every week for 1 hour, each school will be participating in planting seedlings such as carrots,beets,lettuce,parsley,etc.

Children from all schools starting from day cares to secondary will be able to go into their gardens and pick the fresh fruits and vegetables, so that they can have a nutritious breakfast, and lunch on a daily basis. The vision and benefit of the program is to have fresh vegetables that can be reaped regularly to supply healthy, natural and wholesome vitamin enriched nourished foods that can be used daily  for breakfast and lunches at schools and also to be distributed throughout the communities around the island.

The goal we see for this project is opportunity to educate and sustain our children future, by providing a healthy way of life that can make a difference in their livelihood, the economy and our country. With the project we will be addressing children’s education; Poverty Alleviation, feeding program, along with job creation and a positive social impact.