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Free & Confidential HIV Testing
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Free & Confidential HIV Testing

The St. Maarten AIDS Foundation is one of SXM’s most active organizations. SAF’s vision is to eliminate new HIV infections as well as other sexually transmitted infections through comprehensive prevention education and behavior change programs. Securing ‘cover all’ access to care and treatment for all people living with HIV/AIDS in an environment free of stigma and discrimination will still play a major part in continued efforts.

With the ongoing and expanded set of skills-based and behavioral change programs, the Foundation hopes to continue making an impact in ultimately reducing the incidence of HIV and STI infections. Increased testing and treating everyone in need of care (recognizing that treatment reduces HIV transmission risk by 96%) will further reduce incidence.

SAF’s overarching goal is to see a fifty percent reduction in new HIV infections with a corresponding reduction in other sexually transmitted infections.

Funds raised during the month of September will go to St. Maarten AIDS Foundation’s Free & Confidential HIV Testing program.

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