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SXM BJJ Youth Campaign
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SXM BJJ Youth Campaign

SXMBJJ has been involved in the local community offering weekly of self defense classes to the Down Syndrome Foundation, I.E. classes for at risk youths in the public school system, and multiple training sessions for the VKS. We also sponsor local students with their training tuitions and uniforms.

For the 2017, we would like to give more fiscal support for our local team athletes and for training and competition. Most of our programs run off the volunteer hours of our local team coaches. As we continue to utilise their skills and knowledge for the betterment of our community, we also seek to support them in pursuing their passions of martial arts. In March of 2017, our goal is to send 5 athletes to compete in the IBJFF Pan Championships to compete and represent SXM.

SxmBJJ has already demonstrated commitment to community service in the programs we offer such as our free weekly special needs self defense classes. We would now like to empower our local athletes with the support to shine abroad. We believe that by empowering out young local athletes to train and compete abroad, they will continue to expand their knowledge in skills for the programs they execute in St. Maarten communities. Also, by enabling them to compete, they will serve as sports inspiration and role models for local youths.